The idea

The town of Giengen is currently home to about 20,000 people. Of these, about 18 are foreigners, just over 40 are citizens with a migrant background* and about 350 are refugees. Currently, about 1,200 new citizens come to Giengen every year, of whom about 640 are foreigners.

Arriving in a new environment presents many challenges for everyone. With the Connect You project, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to

  • to find out more
  • to orient at each other
  • Making contacts
  • and arrive!

In addition to the possibility to network online, exchange ideas and arrange a monthly welcome meeting for one of our many offers, we therefore offer a monthly welcome meeting.

In addition to the existing activities, we are happy if you supplement our offers with your own ideas, tips and suggestions, share your experiences and meet us online or at the many real possibilities!

We look forward to seeing you with like-minded people and getting to know each other. We would like you to use our forum to agree on joint activities. You can also ask for and offer assistance – even so, like-minded people come together.


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